Terms of use and a list of models by USAKO

Terms of use described below is subject to change without notice.

Please follow the latest terms of use even if you have a readme text file with a model.


===== Terms of use of all models by USAKO  =====


First of all

They are fanarts of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki and nothing to do with the original work.

All models are imperfect, but I hope you enjoy.




I take no responsibility if a problem occurs when using models.



Terms of use

[Do not]

  • use contrary to pubilc order and morals.
  • cause troubles for the author or the copywright owner.
  • use for commercial use.
  • re-distribute.
  • use for erotic/grotesque/homosexual expressioin beyond the original work. 
  • use in VRchat.
  • use together with any ripped model(s).


[You may]

  • modify (meshes, textures, physics, weights, etc).



  • register the seiga (image) below as Parent in the content tree in niconico

  • take care of the physics (hems, skirts, hair, and so forth)
    If possible, please do not post your works online under the conditions below:
    - hem/skirt got entangled after a furious movement and being left as it is
    - physics keeps shaking violently because two or more models are placed at the same position



Last of all

Please contact me with Twitter if you have any question or concern.

Any report of problems or advice will be greatly appreciated too.


Creater of models: USAKO
twitter ID : @usausakokoko



Change log of terms of use

2018/07/01 Released (the same content  with the readme files included with the distributed model, as of July 1st, 2018)

2018/07/18 Added the line, use in VRchat, in [Do not] section.

2018/10/24 Created the seiga (image) for registration of the contents tree.

2019/04/13 Added the line, use together with any ripped model(s), in [Do not] section.

2019/05/31 Added the line, take care of the physics, in [Please] section.



===== List of models by USAKO  =====


Part 4


Parte 5